Developing skills for work and life with the Tenner Challenge

The Tenner Challenges uses the Young Enterprise Employability Competency Framework to capture and evaluate the progression of participants across the eight key competencies:

1. Communication
The ability to listen, write and speak effectively to present and exchange information and ideas in a clear and concise manner

2. Confidence
The self-motivation and ability to generate and retain strong self-belief in personal skills, capabilities and likelihood of success

3. Financial capability
The ability to analyse financial information, manage money well, and make informed decisions to plan for successful financial futures

4. Initiative
The ability to take decisions, evaluate and calculate risks, and do more than is required in the pursuit of successful outcomes

5. Organisation
The ability to effectively manage tasks, plan and prioritise actions within a time schedule, and set smart goals

6. Problem solving
The ability to collect and examine information, think creatively, and analyse situations to generate solutions to problems

7. Resilience
The ability to persist when facing setbacks whilst adjusting to pressure and adapting to changes in varying circumstances

8. Teamwork
The ability to build team engagement, collaborate, share knowledge and explain ideas to others whilst managing personal feelings