Tenner is an Enterprise Challenge, helping students to develop an enterprising mindset and prepare for the world of work

Here's how Tenner, as part of  Young Enterprise programmes, supports schools to meet their statutory duties:

  • Contributes to a school's stable, structured careers programme by helping students to gain confidence and prepare for the world of work
  • Provides evidence of the Gatsby Benchmarks of good career guidance 
  • Offers an opportunity to register meaningful employee encounters and to learn about what work is like and what it takes to be successful in the workplace
  • Supports Ofsted success by contributing to judgements on the effectiveness of leadership, management, personal development and welfare by preparing students for the next stage of their education, training or employment. Contributes towards a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Provides an opportunity to raise aspirations and develop entrepreneurial qualities supporting students to make successful transitions to the next stage of their life
  • Links curriculum learning to the future including contextual learning opportunities within Financial Mathematics and English.  It supports Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education

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How can Tenner Challenge support Welsh schools with the national curriculum and Welsh Baccalaureate? Details here Manylion yma

NEW! Attention all Scottish schools - Tenner Challenge is now SQA accredited Read more 

Learning Outcomes from Tenner

Our Summary of the Key Impacts from taking part in Tenner Challenge 2018
  • 90% teachers agreed that Tenner Challenge contributes to the school’s careers programme
  • 84% of teachers agreed Tenner Challenge supports educational requirements for a broad range of subjects including maths and english
  • 80% students agreed Tenner Challenge helped them to understand the world of work
  • 60% of students agreed they would consider starting their own business
  • The average profit was £111 and over 60% of students gave their profits to charity
Tenner supports the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

Tenner Challenge supports schools to evidence provision of Good Career Guidance against the Gatsby Benchmarks. All Young Enterprise programmes encourage the development of an enterprise mindset and approach needed in both education and employment for all young people to reach their potential.

By taking part in the Tenner Challenge you have the chance to request a meaningful encounter with employers or employees and help young people to build a broader understanding of the workplace.  This experience can motivate your students to find out more about the skills required to make successful transitions to the next stage of their life.