Terms and conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions below. If you have any further questions please contact us as tenner@y-e.org.uk.

Tenner Challenge 2016 Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions “YE”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” means Young Enterprise (registered company number 712660; registered charity number 313697) and “You”, “Your”, or the “Organisation” means the secondary school, FE/college, free school or special school, charity or youth club that participates in the Tenner Challenge 2016 (also referred to as the “Challenge”). “Participant” means any young person who partakes in the Challenge and, subject to the entry requirements as set out at clause 2, at the end of the Challenge, You may arrange for one or more of your Participants to enter the “National Competition” in which winners will be announced and awards will be given out.

Entry to the Challenge must be through the official application form process only. The application process is in two stages. Stage one: Register online at: www.tenner.org.uk. Stage two: Complete and sign the payment form and return it to the Tenner Challenge team via email: tenner@y-e.org.uk or post to: Tenner Challenge, Young Enterprise, Yeoman House, Sekforde Street, London, EC1R 0HF.

The Challenge bank has limited funds of £200,000 (which covers all variations of the Tenner Challenge which We run); once those funds have been allocated or advanced to Participants, We will not accept further entries to the Challenge.

The Challenge is open to all Organisations that are dedicated to young people aged 11 – 19 years (for example, Brownie Guides or Cub Scouts) within the UK (including Channel Islands & Isle of Man), but Our employees and their families or anyone professionally associated with the Competition and their direct family members are not permitted to enter. 

1.  The Challenge

1.1 We will pledge You £10 (ten pounds sterling) per Participant up to a limit of £500 (the total funds advanced are referred to as “the Funds” in these terms and conditions). You may apply to Us for extended funds above this limit where You require more funding as a result of the number of Participants in Your Organisation. We will have complete discretion as to whether to grant extended funds and Our decision is final. 

1.2 Participants may work in groups (a “Team”) or individually. It is for You and the Participants to determine the amount of Funds to be allocated to a Team (up to a maximum of £10 per Participant).

1.3 Participants are challenged to make as much profit as possible and make a difference through enterprising activities between 22 February and 18 March 2016 (inclusive). All enterprising activities must be specifically created for the Challenge and cannot comprise of the same activity being used in another of Our programmes, e.g. Company/Team Programme; or any other variation of the Tenner Challenge.

1.4 Participants and Teams are not permitted to undertake any business activity which involves gambling, fraud or illegal activities.

1.5 We may disqualify You and/or the Participants from the Challenge if We have reasonable grounds to suspect that You and/or the Participant(s) are in breach of these terms and conditions or Your or a Participant’s participation in the Challenge involves gambling, is fraudulent, or otherwise unlawful.

1.6 Each Participant or Team will need to complete an online logbook documenting their business activities, progress, turnover and profit and This will form the basis of entries and will be judged in the National Competition, should a Team wish to enter it and subject to the entry requirements as set out at clause 2. Therefore, You should encourage Participants and Teams to provide as much detail in their logbooks as possible. You will be able to upload photographs to support their logbook. By sending photographs or video footage to Young Enterprise or uploading photographs or video footage, you confirm that you have informed the parents/guardian/students (as appropriate) that photographs may be provided to Young Enterprise for promotional purposes and that these images may be sent out to the media with a press release, used for Young Enterprise publications, on Young Enterprise’s official social media pages  or on Young Enterprise’s website and that you have obtained the necessary consent for these activities from/on behalf of each student (as appropriate). You shall provide copies of such consent to Us on reasonable request.

1.7 We will advance the Funds only to your Organisation’s bank account. You shall only use the Funds for the purpose of the Challenge. You will return any Funds that are not advanced to Participants for the purposes of the Challenge within 30 days of receipt.

1.8 You shall be responsible for distribution of the Funds to the Participants and Teams and all supervision of the activities of the Participants and Teams in relation to the Challenge. You shall not distribute any Funds prior to 22 February 2016.

1.9 The Participants and Teams must return the original £10 on completion of the Challenge, or in the event that the Participant or Team does not make a profit, to return at least £6 (“the Pledge”). If the Participant or Team makes a profit the Participant or Team may donate to Us a further £1 per £10 pledged (“the Legacy Donation”) to sustain the Challenge bank.

1.10 You shall collect the Pledge and any Legacy Donation from all Participants on completion of the Challenge on 18 March 2016. You shall pay all monies received from all Participants to Us by 27 May 2016 by electronic payment. Our bank details will be provided when the Funds are initially advanced to You.

1.11 Any profit that is made by the Participant or Team (defined as any money in excess of £10.00) may be retained by the Participant or Team (subject to clause 1.9).

2. The National Competition

2.1 The National Competition is divided into two age categories (which is open to all variations of the Tenner Challenge which We run):
2.1.1  Participants aged 11-14 years; and
2.1.2  Participants aged 15-19 years.

2.2 Once Participants have completed the Challenge, You shall select the top three overall Participants or Teams from your Organisation for submission to the National Competition. It is for You to determine the criteria for selecting Participants but only Participants or Teams who have submitted their completed logbook and for whom have completed pre and post Challenge evaluations through Our online portal by 24 March 2016 will be eligible for entry into the National Competition.

2.3 In the interests of sustaining the Challenge bank, We would like each Organisation to repay at least 60% of the advanced Funds. We have complete discretion over entries to the National Competition and may deny entry to Participants from an Organisation which is unable to repay at least 60% (for which any and all Legacy Donations shall be counted). Our decision as to whether to allow entry to Participants from an Organisation unable to repay 60% shall be final. 

2.4 The closing date for the National Competition entries is 24 March 2016. All entries must be received by 17.00 (BST). We do not accept responsibility for lost, delayed, corrupted or invalid entries.

2.5 No detail in any entry may be changed in any way once it has been submitted, except for a change of contact details.

2.6 All enterprising activities undertaken by Participants in order to compete in the National Competition must have taken place between 22 February and 18 March 2016. All money earned by Participants as part of the Challenge must have been received by Participants by 18 March 2016. Any activity undertaken and any payment received before 00:00 on 22 February 2016 and after 00:01 on 18 March 2016 will not be considered by the judges when judging entries.

2.7 There will be 4 awards per age category under the following headings:

2.7.1 Most Profitable Business Idea;

2.7.2 Most Inspiring Participant;

2.7.3 Best Overall Team; and

2.7.4 Participant/Team with the Greatest Social Impact; 

and one winner will be selected per age category for each award.

2.8 20 Participants/Teams will be shortlisted from all entries by Our Tenner Project Manager. A panel of independent YE judges will then select 5 Participants/Teams from this shortlist. The final 5 entries will be judged by an external panel of independent judges. The judges will assess innovation, flair, creativity and enthusiasm when judging entries. Full judging criteria can be found in the Tenner Challenge National Competition Guidance to be found in Your unique area of Our website. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence between judges and Organisations, Participants or Teams will be entered into.

3 The National Competition prize and winner announcement

3.1 Each winner of the National Competition will receive a trophy and a trip to London to attend an awards ceremony.  The trip and award ceremony will be for 1 day and will take place in May 2016. We will inform You if You have any successful Participants by the end of April 2016.  A maximum of six (6) Participants from a winning Team may attend, plus one (1) representative from the Organisation that the winning Team represents.  It shall be Your and the winning Participants’ responsibility to select who shall attend from a winning Team. Individual winners may bring a parent/carer or a representative from the Organisation.  YE shall only be responsible for reasonable travel costs which will be reimbursed by YE, subject to proof of purchase. We will advertise full details as soon as possible. No cash alternative will be offered and the prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable.  The prize is subject to change at Our discretion.

3.2 If any individual Participant winner or all Participants within a winning Team cannot attend, the award will be sent to the winner within eight weeks of the final judging taking place to an address which has been notified to Us. Alternatively, you can choose for one of Our representatives to visit your Organisation to present the award to any winner who is unable to attend the award ceremony.

4 The National Competition winner publicity

4.1 You accept that, if one of Your Participants wins an award in the National Competition:

We will have the right, without additional payment or permission, to use the name, address and other details of your Organisation and also the name, age, and town of residence of the winning Participant(s) for the purposes of announcing the winner of this National Competition and for related promotional purposes

4.2 You shall obtain the written consent of the parent or guardian of each winning Participant from your Organisation to use the details of the Participant and for the taking and using of photographs of the winning Participants on the basis stated in clause 4.1 and shall provide copies of such consent to Us upon request.  We will not be responsible for any photographs uploaded without the appropriate consents.

5 Ownership of entries

5.1 Participants shall own all rights in their own ideas, business plans, logbooks and photographs (images and movie clips) (“Works”) created as part of the Challenge but in entering the National Competition, You shall ensure that each Participant agrees to allow YE to make use of the Works and that any rights in relation to them , free of charge with no time limit, throughout the world and that each Participant agrees not to enforce his or her right: i) to be acknowledged as the author of the Works; and ii) to object to Us adapting the Works in any way

6 Data privacy

6.1 On registration You will need to provide details including the name and postcode of your Organisation and the name, telephone number and email address of the person supervising the Participants at the Organisation. 

6.2 During the Challenge You will also need to provide the name and age of each Participant from your Organisation.

6.3 The information you supply to us may be used in a number of ways, including:

6.3.1 to process your registration to participate in the Challenge;

6.3.2 to verify your identity;

6.3.3 to support your participation in the Challenge;

6.3.4 for promoting the Challenge;

6.3.5 for collection of the funds provided to You;

6.3.6 for audit purposes, research and statistical analysis;

6.3.7 to identify other schemes which might be of interest to You (with your consent); and

6.3.8 to prevent fraud and money laundering.

6.4 For more details on how we use the information collected please see Our Privacy Policy to be found on Our website at www.tenner.org.uk. YE will comply with all data protection legislation in force during the Challenge and National Competition, including the Data Protection Act 1998.

6.5 Unless an Organisation has opted out at the point of registration, YE will keep the Organisation informed of YE’s similar products, services and other schemes by email, post and/or telephone.

6.6 We will not pass Your contact details to third parties for marketing purposes, but we may from time to time send communications to You on behalf of carefully screened companies whose products We believe may be of interest to You.  However, if You do not want to receive communications from us on behalf of third parties, please opt out at the point of registration.  You can also opt out at any time by email to tenner@y-e.org.uk, or by writing to Us at the following address: Tenner Challenge, Young Enterprise, Yeoman House, Sekforde Street, London, EC1R 0HF.

7 General

7.1 To the fullest extent permitted by law, We shall not be liable to You for any indirect or consequential costs, expenses, loss or damage or any loss of revenue arising from entry in the Challenge or National Competition, or any prize or award, or any damage to any Participant or computer or any other equipment used to upload or download material relating to this Challenge or National Competition. 

7.2 Nothing in these terms and conditions shall have the effect of excluding or limiting any liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence or for fraud or to restrict or exclude any other liability which cannot be so restricted or excluded in law.

7.3 Participants may benefit from Our public and product liability insurance subject to the terms set out below. Please ensure you are familiar with these terms which are available to You on Our website. If the insurance provider refuses for any reason to provide the benefit of this insurance to the Participant, We shall not be liable to provide to You or the Participant any replacement benefit of the same or similar kind or to pay any compensation in lieu.

7.4 You shall be responsible for the health and safety of all Participants and compliance with all relevant legal requirements.

7.5 We do not accept any responsibility for failure on the part of any telecommunications operator, or any interruption in or cessation of Your or the Participant’s ability to gain access to the website, or any network congestion, technical failure or other problem in any telephone line, internet connection, network, system, provider or otherwise which results in any entry not being correctly received.

7.6 We may cancel or suspend the Challenge or National Competition for any reason beyond Our reasonable control with immediate effect by notice in writing (including email). We may amend these rules without notice, by posting changes to them on the website www.tenner.org.uk.

7.7 We will operate the Challenge using reasonable care and skill at all times. All other terms and conditions implied by law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded. 

7.8 As far as is legally possible, the Challenge shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and We, You and the Participants agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Insurance cover

Tenner Challenge trading is covered by a Young Enterprise insurance policy. The following notes are about this policy and are for general guidance only, they are not an exhaustive summary of the policy. Organisations should make sure that their Participants are either trading within this guidance or if not that the Organisations insurance policy covers the Participants’ planned activities.  Any questions about insurance not covered here should be submitted to:  tenner@y-e.org.uk

Products and Public Liability (Including Prohibited Products)
Young Enterprise has effected Products and Public Liability Insurance, under which there is an indemnity up to £10,000,000 to cover the legal liability in respect of accidental death, illness or disease, bodily injury, or loss of or damage to, material property not belonging to or held on trust by Young Enterprise.

Please note the following:

The loss of cash is not covered by the insurance policy. Special care should be taken to keep it safe at all times. 

Food and Drink:
Participants can buy and sell on branded foodstuffs (except those requiring refrigeration or other special storage arrangements) as long as the product has an ingredients list and a best before date which is more than three months from the date of sale by the Participant.

Manufacturer’s multiple packets can be broken down as long as the wrapping on individual items are marked with best before dates and the manufacturer has not restricted the breaking down of a multiple pack product for re-sale (this is printed on the packaging).

If Participants are planning any catering activity the Organisation will need to ensure that all relevant environmental health legislation is complied with in the preparation, storage and selling of the food.  This activity is not covered under Young Enterprise’s insurance policy.  To check this out further you need to contact your local Environmental Health Officers at your local authority.    

Cosmetics and beauty products: 
As with food, branded products can be resold as long as they are still in the manufacturers packaging.

If Participants are planning anything that involves reconditioning or use of these products (e.g. making soap or face painting) the Organisation will need to ensure that all relevant legislation is complied with in the preparation, storage and selling of the products.  This activity is not covered under Young Enterprises insurance policy. 

Car washing:
This activity is covered by Young Enterprises insurance policy however, extra care should be taken to make sure cars are not damaged during cleaning. Damage can be caused when a sponge is dropped on the floor, picking up grit which then scratches the paint. 

The Young Enterprise insurance policy does not cover any activity involving travel in any form of transport. If a trip is planned the Organisation will need to check that appropriate insurance is in place.

Raffles are the only form of gambling activity allowed and this should only involve the selling of tickets exclusively within the Organisation.
Alcohol and Tobacco:
The direct selling of these products or setting up of events in which they are sold is not allowed.

Theft of products prior to sale are not covered by Young Enterprise’s insurance policy unless from premises involving entry to or exit from by forcible or violent means.

Further exclusions from Young Enterprise’s insurance policy:
• goods for animal consumption;
• goods for use and/or the repair and maintenance of mechanically propelled vehicles;
• use or selling of acids, gases, explosives, fireworks and chemicals; drugs and pharmaceutical products;
• the manufacture, modification or sale of any product which has to be plugged into the mains electricity supply;
• trading with the U.S.A. or Canada, or any territory under their jurisdiction;
• the cost or value of any product lost or damaged due to defects;
• the direct or indirect costs of repair or replacement of any product;
• losses consequent upon damage to property designed by you or on your behalf and subsequently sold or transferred to some other party; 
• replacing, reinstating, rectifying, recalling, removing, repairing or guaranteeing the performance of Products or making a refund on the price of any Product or damage to the Products themselves.

Any questions about insurance not covered here should be submitted to: tenner@y-e.org.uk